Change Starts with Taking the First Step

I’ve been struggling lately with deciding what my next step is; Honestly, with life in general, but specifically with this blog. It seems like I have a million ideas in my head, and I’m having difficulty deciding what direction to take. I wrote about some of this a few weeks back. The general consensus seemed to be that, instead of starting a new blog from scratch, I should start incorporating some of my new ideas on Growing Her Worth, while sticking with some of the things that are already working for me.

I think I’m on board with making changes here. But then I couldn’t decide where to start: Going through old posts to delete ones that I wouldn’t want associated with the new content? Create a new layout for the blog? Maybe I should work on new content? No, I already write posts.

And then I realized, September is mostly gone, and I’ve only posted twice!

I seem to have developed a bad case of analysis-paralysis. In my obsession  to do things perfectly, I haven’t done anything! And it isn’t just the blog; In my quest to be the perfect partner, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, employee, gardener, blogger, healthy person, I haven’t made any of the changes that I’ve been thinking about. It’s like I’m waiting for some magical time when everything comes together on its own, and the timing is perfect, and the plan just makes sense. We all know that’s never going to happen!

I can’t be everything to everybody. And I can’t expect perfection in, well, anything. I need to start prioritizing what’s important to me, and then start doing. I’m not making any promises. Things at work have blown up, and the Holidays are coming! But, I need to start taking steps forward, no matter how imperfect those steps may be.

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