Cashing In With a Yard Sale

Even though Bryan and I have been living together for some time, I still hadn’t moved all of my stuff in. Sure, I had all of the necessities, like my dog, and most of my clothes. But for the most part, everything else stayed at my house. After all, we didn’t really need two sets of pots and pans, or four sets of silverware*.

When I finally sold the house, we were faced with combining ALL of our stuff. For the most part (silverware aside) neither of us had a ton of stuff. But we were still faced with the problem of what to do with two couches, and duplicates of just about everything else. As we moved my things into the apartment, we did a fairly good job of whittling things down. We decided which dishes to keep, and which set of pots and pans worked the best. All of the things that didn’t make the cut wound up in one corner of our shared garage, waiting for the day we would finally have a yard sale.

Honestly, we’ve been talking about a yard sale for months, even before I sold my house. But we always wanted to wait until we had a chance to go through everything. After all, I still had some boxes of personal items to go through. And we hadn’t sorted through our large assortment tools. Or the closet full of things from roommates past. But taking the time to sort through things never became a priority, and so the yard sale hadn’t happened.

Friday evening Bryan suggested we have a yard sale on Saturday. We’d make a couple of posters, throw some things out, and see how it went. No planning. Or advertising. Or sorting through everything. It wasn’t what I was used to, but hey, maybe we’d sell a few things?

Saturday morning we got up bright and early. We set out the things in boxes from the garage, sticking prices on items with a roll of masking tape. We grabbed random items from around the house that we’d talked about getting rid of. I made up a few posters, and at 8 am, Bryan went out and hung them up. Instantly, we had a buyer. It was a slow trickle of people pulling down our driveway; We never really had a rush, but then, we didn’t exactly advertise. Over the next few hours we watched as our stash of items dwindled, and the money in our cash box grew. The odds and ends kitchen items were a hard sell. But it didn’t take long to sell the couch, the night stand, or the random little cabinets.

I’ll admit, it was miserably hot outside. Shortly before noon, we decided we’d had enough. Bryan went to retrieve the signs, and I started boxing up what was left. In the end, we were $230 richer. Not bad, considering on most Saturdays we’ve done very little before noon.

Hopefully by the end of Summer we’ll have had a chance to go through everything else, and can put together a more organized yard sale. Whatever doesn’t sell then will probably end up at Goodwill. But at least we’ve made a nice dent in all of our duplicate items, and have some cash to show for it.

– Cindy W.

*Am I the only one who finds it odd that we both, as single people, had 2 sets of silverware? Were we really that lazy about washing spoons?


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