Big Spending

Yesterday was a day of big spending. $2,160 to be exact. No, it wasn’t for anything frivolous, like new shoes, or furniture. The largest chunk of money went to pay the contractor for completing my connection to the new city sewer line. The rest of the money went towards the final fees owed for my Masters courses.

Both expenses were planned, and I’d been putting money away for them. The sewer project actually ended up costing less than I was expecting, which was a good thing. But I have to admit that I have mixed emotions about them.

On the one hand, that’s a lot of money! Especially for someone who is just getting on track to save more. It hurt to see about half of what I had in the bank gone in a single afternoon.

On the other hand, it felt a little bit freeing. Since I’ve decided not to continue with my Masters degree, that payment signified the last one I’d be making. The sewer project has been almost 2 years in the making. The first year was filled with stress and worry. Would I be able to come up with the money? What if it cost more than expected? Would they run into any issues with the installation? Having the money in the bank and earmarked specifically for that goal made all the difference in the end. It was easy to just cut the contractor a check, knowing I had it covered, and that it wasn’t going to impact any other aspects of my life.

I still have a few other things that need to get done around the house, such as the bathroom remodel. I’m really close to having the money set aside for that project. And yes, it will hurt again to watch that money be spent. But not having the added stress of having to find the money is extremely nice. And it’s a reminder of why I’m trying to cut expenses, and put more money away. It’s so nice when things come up to just be able to take care of them and move on!

Most of my money right now is still being “saved” towards short-term expenses. In reality, most financial experts wouldn’t consider that true savings. True saving is when you are putting money away for long-term, like saving towards retirement. While I have my 401k, that isn’t going to help me towards early retirement. But, if things go according to plan, it shouldn’t be too long before I truly am saving. And then I can start getting my money to work harder for me!

– Ms. W

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