A Short Check-In

I’ve been terrible about posting lately, so I thought I should do a short check-in to let everyone know I’m still around.

I’d love to say that things are finally starting to calm down and get back to normal. No such luck! First the dog was sick; At 14-16 years old (she’s a rescue, so we really don’t know for sure), we were convinced this was the end. The vet said it was either an intestinal infection, or she was dying of cancer. I kind of chuckled at how “WebMD” that answer came across: It’s either something really simple, or you’re dying! It ended up being really simple; A few pills later her symptoms completely¬†disappeared! She’s still on medication for the rest of the week, and a bland diet (which she despises!), but other than that we’re in the clear.

As soon as the dog started feeling better, I started feeling bad. End of last week I came down with what I assume is a cold. This week it’s still going strong! I hate being one of those people that brings my germs into work, but since everyone there is already sick, and there’s so much that needs to be done, I’ve kept chugging right along. I’m tired, and cranky, and gross! I have cancelled plans outside of work, so as not to spread my sickness to the rest of the world, and also so I can get some rest.

Work has been super busy! And rumor has it that changes are coming. As of right now, the changes aren’t being made to my job, but will directly affect how I do my job. It is what it is, and I have no choice but to take things as they come. For now, anyways. But all of this will come into play as Bryan and I are making plans for the future. It’s a good reminder of how important it is to get rid of the car loan!

On top of all that, the Holiday Season is officially upon us! I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving! I’m so not ready for any of this. For now, I’m trying to take things as they come, and stay on top of us much as possible. I’m also working on reminding myself that I’m not perfect, and sometimes good enough is, well, good enough.

  • Cindy W.