21 Day Fix: Week 9?

I’ve lost track of where we are on this. And, for once, not because I’ve given up!

Slowly but surely, I’m still plodding along with the 21 Fix. I’ve had a few hiccups, and I’m still doing it in a very relaxed fashion. But still, I’m doing it!

My first big hiccup was our 10 day vacation. To me, one of the best parts of vacation is the food. That, and having drinks at lunch, like a true rebel! We intentionally left the workouts at home. Sure, we could have brought along the DVDs. And DVD player. And weights. But that seemed like a lot to pack. And it was vacation! Plus, we’d be walking the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. And the hills in Tennessee. And the streets of New Orleans. We had the exercise covered.

I left for vacation weighing 181 pounds. I came home weighing 185. Not exactly good news. I ate whatever I wanted, but tried to balance types of food, and not let my portions get out of control. I think it was the margaritas that did me in!

I also came home with a bum ankle. I injured my ankle a couple of years ago. Despite physical therapy, I was told the injury was permanent. Most of the time it doesn’t bother me. I have a brace I can wear when it does. Of course, I didn’t bother bringing the brace with me on vacation. After all, we’ve walked the beach before, and the hills of Tennessee, and never had an issue. For some reason, this time was different. I was able to grin and bear it, and pretend like nothing was wrong, but I was in a fair amount of pain.

I decided when we got back home to take things easy, wear my brace, and stop working out until my ankle felt better. I took all last week off. I’m probably going to take this week as well, just to make sure. I did however return to better eating: Using the cups to measure my food, eating the right number of each food group, etc.

I’ve been averaging 1 pound a week weight loss, so I worried vacation would set me back more than a month. But by some unknown miracle, on Sunday I was down to 179.5 pounds!

I’m not sure why I was able to get back on track weight wise so quickly. Maybe because the gain was so recent? But something tells me it was the kale. I decided early last week to make a kale salad. I liked it so well, I ate it every day for lunch. And things were a lot more, um, regular, last week. I’ve never in my life been regular. Ever. I even started taking fiber last month, to try to help. Kale helped. A lot.

My eating overall has been somewhat boring. I tend to be a bit obsessive about food: I eat something until I’m sick of it, and then I don’t want it again for a while. In a way, it makes things a lot easier. During the week, I like to eat small meals every couple of hours. Mainly because I get bored and frustrated at work, and I tend to be an emotional eater. Having small meals planned out throughout the day keeps me from eating the candy at the front desk, or the donuts in the break room.

So, I eat cottage cheese most mornings for breakfast. Followed a few hours later by a banana. A few hours later, I’ve added in a kale salad (just kale with a store bought sesame ginger vinaigrette). A little while later, I’ll either eat leftovers from the night before, or lunch meat wrapped in swiss cheese. If I’m hungry in the afternoon (or bored, or frustrated, or tired), I’ll eat another piece of fruit. If dinner is going to be late, or I’m especially hungry, I might eat something when I get home. Usually lunch meat wrapped in swiss cheese. At dinner, we usually have a meat and veggie or potato. Sometimes pasta with a meat sauce.

The weekends are a little less regimented. Bryan tends to make breakfast in the morning, which usually consists of a poached egg and something else for me (maybe hash browns, or a piece of fruit, depending on what we have on hand). I’ll usually eat something for lunch, be it leftovers or a wrap of some kind. And then dinner is typically a meat and either veggie or potato. My mind is more occupied, and I’m more content, on the weekends, so I find myself wanting to eat less often.

Slowly but surely, I’m seeing results by sticking with (a very loose version of) the program. Hopefully I’ll be back to working out by next week. The weather is starting to get nicer, so that definitely helps with the activity level!

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